Profoto 7″ Reflector with Grids kit D7R0051

Key Features
  • Grids Fit Zoom 2 Reflector Directly
  • Fits Standard Zoom with Optional Holder
  • 5, 10, 20°, 7.1″ Grids
  • Grid Bag

The Profoto Grid Kit for Zoom Reflector 2 maximizes the potential of the variable beam angle Zoom Reflector 2. The kit includes a medium-narrow 20°, narrow 10° and extra-narrow 5° grid. The 7.1″ grids can be mounted directly onto the Zoom Reflector 2 without a grid holder. Separate purchase of the grid holder (#900362) will allow you to use the grids on the original Zoom Reflector as well. The set includes a carrying/storage bag for the grids.


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